Are you ready for the fight, soldier?

CYBERBEARZ is a hardcore, realistic top-down shooter starring anthropomorphic bear soldiers. Become one of the fighters in the squad to take part in the battles for the sweet mineral with the hostile fauna of the planet or other players

Free to Play

Play CYBERBEARZ for free. The game is available to everyone who wants to take part in the battles for resources and leadership

Co-op & PvP

Form squads with friends or random players to complete missions together to fight hostile fauna or play against another team

No pay to win

Do not need to make in-game purchases to be among the leaders. Only personal skills and experience will help you to be in the top

Dynamic and varied gameplay

Multiple modes

Defend base, hold control points, fight in a deathmatch, and capture flags. On night and day maps, under different weather conditions

Unique abilities

Use support abilities during combat to launch bombardments from orbit, turn on rage mode, activate night vision, and more

Weapons, equipment, vehicles

Upgrade your weapons to gain a tactical advantage, use special equipment to make combat easier, call in armored vehicles and crush enemies

Rank system affects gameplay

Play and rank up to take the lead in the squad and unlock additional opportunities during the battle. Go from recruit to legend

Immerse yourself in the BEARZVERSE

A bit of cyberpunk, sci-fi and fairy tale, that's how you get into the slightly bleak BEARZVERSE. In interstellar space, huge fleets of bear soldiers search for planets that contain a unique mineral that allows them to fuel ships for further travel, clone new armies and keep the spirits of the fighters cheerful in endless battles


The game was created to unite gamers from all over the globe and bring the joy of hardcore battles to fans of realistic military shooters. CYBERBEARZ will be available on several popular platforms1

Light integration Web3

Connect additional game features with NFT2 on the BNB Chain, which do not affect the gameplay and do not provide tactical advantages, but open access to exclusive skins and content

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